Colombia | Edinson Oidor

Colombia | Edinson Oidor

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Brown Sugar, Red Apple, Prune, Almond

A rare single-producer lot from Inzá, this coffee hits all the points Onyx love from coffees grown in Cauca. Thanks to Edinson Oidors’ meticulous farming and processing, this coffee boasts a deep brown sugar note, with fresh apple-like florals and a lasting sweetness of stone fruit. Their friends at Red Fox are committed to Inzá, and that commitment brings about stunning coffees like this microlot.

Variety - Colombia
Process - Washed, Raised-Bed Dried
Elevation - 1,800 meters
Roasting Level - Traditional  ● ● ● ● ○ ○ ○ Modern

Packing Size - 283g 
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