GUATEMALA | La Bella Gesha

GUATEMALA  | La Bella Gesha
GUATEMALA  | La Bella Gesha
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水洗瓜地馬拉 La Bella 藝伎
GUATEMALA La Bella Gesha Washed 

豆種 Variety | Gesha

產區 Region | Sierra de las Minas

Tangerine, Yuzu, Raw Sugar, Oolong Tea, Elegant & Sweet 

曾在 2016年得到 C.O.E. 第五名和 2021年 C.O.E. 第十二名,Le Bella 是 Sierra de las Minas 山脈中最早開始種植高海拔精品咖啡的莊園之一 —— 這產區擁有完美的咖啡生長條件,獨特的微型氣候,加上山脈內的泉水滋養,並擅於採用精良的水洗技術,令這地區不斷產岀優質的精品咖啡。歷經莊園四個世代的努力,如今 La Bella 無論在選種、種植、收成、處理法上,都有卓絕的經驗與智慧。
而這款水洗處理的 La Bella Gesha 正好呈現岀莊園最岀色的一面,豐富而複雜的橘子和柚子風味和精巧酸度,烏龍茶般的清爽尾韻,整過優雅而甜蜜。

Emerging from the heart of the Sierra de las Minas mountains, Le Bella stands as a beacon of excellence in high-altitude specialty coffee cultivation. Since its inception, the estate has been showered with accolades, including 5th place in the 2016 Cup of Excellence (COE) and 12th place in the 2021 COE. These distinguished recognitions serve as a testament to Le Bella's unwavering commitment to quality, a legacy that spans four generations of unwavering dedication to the art of coffee cultivation.

The region's unique microclimate, coupled with the abundant spring water that nourishes the land, provides an ideal setting for cultivating exceptional coffee beans. Le Bella's mastery of meticulous washed processing techniques further elevates the quality of the beans, consistently producing premium coffee that captivates the discerning palate.

This meticulously washed La Bella Gesha epitomizes the estate's exceptional craftsmanship. A vibrant tapestry of citrus and yuzu notes intertwines with a delightful acidity, culminating in a oolong tea-like finish that lingers on the palate, leaving an indelible impression of elegance and sweetness.

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