🍑 Honduras | Caballero #131 *Square Mile*

🍑 Honduras | Caballero #131 *Square Mile*

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Blackberry, Peach, Jammy  

Back for another year, this naturally processed lot of Caballero shines with blackberry and peach sweetness, perfectly complemented by a jammy mouthfeel.

Traditionally working with washed coffees because of their super humid climate, Moisés and Marysabel are prime examples of how atypical processing can often be a good way for producers to diversify their offerings. Over the last few years, the Caballeros have been working closely with Nordic Approach and their sister company Tropic, to develop fruity profiles within their supply chains. As a result, Moisés began experimenting with several natural protocols designed to produce specific flavor profiles; some crisp and punchy and some boozy and syrupy. With distinct body and flavor, we love the wildly tasty, fruit-forward characteristics Caballero #131 has to offer!

Variety - Catuai 
Process - Natural
Elevation - 1,450 - 1,525 MASL

Packing Size - 350g 
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