🍒 Nicaragua | Datanli *Square Mile*

🍒 Nicaragua | Datanli *Square Mile*

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Red Grape, Cherry, Caramel   

Datanlí's sweet caramel notes and red grape and cherry acidity render this Nicaraguan coffee an instant favorite.

All about texture and balance, Datanlí offers sweet comfort in a cup. Named after a small town in the Municipality of Jinotega, Datanlí is produced by medium and small-scale producers. This lot is a combined lot from 5 farmers: Marvin, Juan, Jhon, Rosa and Domingo, and apart from the sheer delight this coffee offers, we were drawn to it because it is from Jinotega. Traditionally, the go-to Nicaraguan region for big volumes ideal for blends and commercial grades, compared to Nueva Segovia, considered the cradle of specialty coffee, Jinotega is often overlooked. Offering a lighter, tea-like profile quite different from other Nicaraguan regions, the consistency and quality to come from Jinotega is worth taking note of. The perfect morning wake me up; Datanlí is precisely what this Autumn needs. Sweet, creamy comfort.

Variety - Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra 
Process - Washed
Elevation - 1,100 - 1,500 MASL

Packing Size - 350g 
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