PANAMA | Abu GN9 Gesha

PANAMA | Abu GN9 Gesha
PANAMA | Abu GN9 Gesha
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厭氧日曬巴拿馬 Abu GN9 Gesha 
PANAMA Abu GN9 Gesha Anaerboic Natural

豆種 Variety | Gesha

Raspberry Candy, Kyoho Grape, Blackberry, Sweet & Juicy

和 Abu 的莊主 Jose Luttrell 認識了好幾年,而我們的團隊亦在近年的本地咖啡比賽中多次使用他們優秀的咖啡豆作比賽用豆,對於他們的咖啡品質向來都充滿信心,很高興再次將他們的咖啡分享給大家!

Abu 莊園位處於 Canas Verdes,距離波奎特(Boquete)鎮上有一段距離。莊園的海拔大約在1550到1650公尺,但風土相當優秀,再加上 Jose 對於處理法多年的深入研究和實驗,更是讓其岀品一年比一年好。

這次的 GN-9 全是人手採摘,確保均在最佳的成熟度,然後再由人手挑選並放在春天的山水中 — 先進行168小時的厭氣乾燥。整個發酵過程完結後,則再轉移到非洲日曬床,完成最後為期25天的日曬程序。


We have known Jose Luttrell, the owner of Abu for a few years now. Our team has also used their excellent coffee beans in local coffee competitions in recent years, and we have always been confident in the quality of their coffee. This time, we are pleased to offer Abu coffee for the first time in our online store!

The Abu plantation is located in Canas Verdes, a short distance from the town of Boquete. The plantation is located at an altitude of approximately 1,550 to 1,650 meters, but the terroir is excellent. Coupled with Jose's years of in-depth research and experimentation on processing methods, the output has been getting better and better every year.

This time's GN-9 was all hand-picked to ensure that it was at its optimum ripeness. It was then hand-picked and placed in spring mountain water. The whole coffee fruit was applied through an anaerobic dry process for 168 hours. After the entire fermentation process is complete, it is transferred to an African-raised bed to complete the final 25-day sun-drying process.

The carefully crafted fermentation process allows for a delicate bouquet of violets to emerge, alongside a rich and luscious sweetness reminiscent of raspberry candy. Hints of Kyoho grapes and blackberries add to the complexity, while a chilled serving enhances the juiciness, making for a truly captivating experience.

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