PERU | Garmas Gesha Washed

PERU | Garmas Gesha Washed
PERU | Garmas Gesha Washed
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水洗秘魯 Garmas 藝伎
PERU Garmas Gesha Washed 

Jasmine, Prune, Madarine, Sugarcane, Elegant & Sweet 

處理法 Process | 水洗 Washed 
豆種 Variety | 藝伎 Gesha 
產區 Region | Cajamarca
莊園 Farm | Garmas
生產者 Producer | Maximiliano Garcia
海拔高度 Altitude | 1,800 mals

由秘魯其中一個最受人喜愛和敬重的莊園 Garmas 所岀產,在這款優雅的藝伎咖啡中,你能感受到優美的茉莉花香,在風味上,你能品嚐到精彩的布冧和橙的細緻味道,尾段帶有蔗糖的甜感。

Maximiliano Garcia 與其伴侶 Esperanza Armijos 是其莊園 Garmas 的第一代咖啡農 —— 莊園位處於海拔高度 1,750 以上,並種植著如 Caturra、Bourbon、Gesha 等多個咖啡品種,而經過多年的努力種植和工作後,憑藉其熱情,他們成為了產區內備受尊重的生產者

而在這批次的 Gesha,經歷完 24小時的發酵後才作水洗處理,整個過程需時約 15-20日,令風味發展變得更複雜和醇厚。

Transport yourself to the heart of Peru with this exquisite Geisha coffee, sourced from the renowned Garmas Estate. A an altitude that surpasses a staggering 1,750 meters, this estate is a haven for exceptional coffee, nurtured by the passion of Maximiliano Garcia and Esperanza Armijos. Pioneering coffee farmers, they've dedicated themselves to cultivating a vibrant tapestry of coffee varieties, including Caturra, Bourbon, and of course, the coveted Gesha.

Uncork a captivating aroma as you brew this exceptional Gesha coffee. Delicate notes of jasmine dance on the nose, enticing your senses. Take a sip, and prepare to be captivated. A delightful interplay of juicy plum and bright orange flavors unfolds on your palate, culminating in a lingering sweetness that whispers of sugarcane. This isn't just a cup of coffee; it's an experience.

The secret to this coffee's complexity lies in meticulous care. Each bean undergoes a precise 24-hour dry fermentation process, followed by the washed method that spans 15-20 days. This unhurried approach allows the coffee's full potential to blossom, resulting in a cup that is both rich and nuanced.

Indulge in a taste of luxury with this exceptional Garmas' Geisha coffee. It's a perfect way to elevate your coffee ritual and savor the dedication poured into every cup.

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