Cupping with Us | 發掘 Black Sugar 六月精選

Cupping with Us | 發掘 Black Sugar 六月精選

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Cupping with Us ——
發掘 Black Sugar 六月精選Discover our new June selection

我們誠邀你參與 Black Sugar Roastery 在下星期六 (15 June) 的首個杯測活動!

Black Sugar Roastery 自家烘焙品牌已經營運好一段時間,而團隊亦十分期待和大家分享我們對每款咖啡的想法和喜愛,呈現岀我們一直以來的努力成果 —— 參與這次的杯測活動,和我們一起發掘 Black Sugar 六月精選。

活動中你將能體驗到 ——


透過杯測 —— 以一致而變量最少的沖煮方式去呈現岀 Black Sugar Roastery 的咖啡風味和烘焙風格,並以最大程度展現岀咖啡的風味潛力,讓大家能選到自己所喜歡的風味,或是從新認識過往未有留意過的產區和風味類型。不論你是剛入門的咖啡愛好者,還是咖啡飲家,這次杯測相信也能讓你對 Black Sugar Roastery 有著更深的認識。

下星期六就和我們團隊一起進入 Black Sugar Roastery 的咖啡世界,品嚐我們的六月精選!


活動詳情 Event Details
日期 Date | 15 June, 2024
時間 Time | 11am - 12pm
地點 Location | Black Sugar Peace Ave
費用 Fee | $100 (全數可用於購買 Black Sugar 咖啡豆 Ticket fee can be redeemed for bean purchase)

We’re thrilled to invite you to our very first Black Sugar Roastery cupping event next Saturday, June 15th! 🎉

Black Sugar Roastery has been perfecting the art of coffee roasting for some time now, and we’re excited to showcase the fruits of our labor. Join us to explore our specially curated June selections, each coffee a testament to our dedication and passion.

During the event, you’ll get to:

✨Taste a variety of our finest June selections
✨Learn about our unique roasting techniques and the stories behind each coffee
✨Discover the distinct flavors and aromas that make each coffee special

Cupping is the best way to experience the full potential of our coffee’s flavors. It’s a consistent and precise brewing method that highlights the unique characteristics of each roast. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just starting your coffee journey, this event is a perfect way to deepen your appreciation for our craft.

Join us for an immersive coffee experience and find your new favorite brew! Sign up on our website to reserve your spot.

We can’t wait to share our coffee world with you! 🌟

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