COLOMBIA  I  CH53 Typica
COLOMBIA  I  CH53 Typica
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哥倫比亞 CH53 Typica

Banana, Blackberry, Yogurt, Cream, Cacao Nib 

處理法 Process | 熱衝擊 Thermo Shock 
豆種 Variety | CH53
產區 Region | Huila 
莊園 Farm | Finca Los Nogales
生產者 Producer | Oscar Hernandez
海拔高度 Altitude | 1,900 mals

這個批次的 CH53 Typica 是相當精緻,並由盛名遠播的 Finca Los Nogales 和生產者 Oscar Hernandez 所主理,在咖啡中,能感受到十分精彩和表現力強的風味,如強烈的熱帶水果風味和莓果甜感,以及豐富的奶油感。

來自哥倫比亞的 Finca Los Nogales 有著長久的歷史,更對咖啡產業有著別具意義的影響 —— 由 Ricardo 和 Concepción Hernandez 所創立,莊園已由五代的 Hernandez 家族所管理,而 Ricaurte Hernandez 則是他們最年輕的兒子,成為莊園的領袖,並帶領其走向更好的咖啡未來。而在 2005年更首次在 Cup of Excellence 比賽中獲取第一名。

時至今日,Finca Los Nogales 已成為研究和創新的中心,致力於在生物技術和科技上改善咖啡生產,而 Oscar Hernandez 不僅是為了生產高品質的咖啡,更是為了推廣可持續發展,以及支援咖啡農的生活。

透過熱衝擊處理法 (先用熱水浸泡衝擊,經過一次全果實厭氧處理,再來一次帶果肉厭氧處理,並在過程當中添加乳酸菌等,能夠將咖啡櫻桃內的醣轉化,增加整體的甜感和風味結構),令咖啡中的風味潛力能完整發揮,絕對能為了帶來驚喜!


This cup is a game-changer. Hailing from the legendary Finca Los Nogales, Oscar Hernandez's CH53 Typica is a love letter to exceptional coffee. It's the kind of brew that explodes with flavour from the first sip, transporting you to sun-drenched Colombian hills. Think juicy tropical fruits, a hint of blackberries, and a smooth, velvety richness that will have you weak at the knees.

Finca Los Nogales is practically Colombian coffee royalty. Nestled in lush landscapes, it's been in the Hernandez family for five generations, with each cup a testament to their heritage. And Ricaurte Hernandez, the youngest son, is leading the charge, building on their 2005 Cup of Excellence win and pushing the boundaries of coffee production. Finca Los Nogales isn't just about incredible beans; they're also sustainability champions, dedicated to giving back and empowering other coffee farmers.

But back to that cup! This CH53 Typica has undergone a unique Thermal Shock process that unlocks a whole new level of flavour. Imagine the coffee cherries getting a hot water spa treatment, followed by a double fermentation – first with the whole fruit, then just the pulp. This fancy process involves introducing special bacteria that transform the sugars inside the cherries, resulting in an explosion of sweetness and complex flavours that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance.

This isn't just coffee; it's a symphony of flavour. It's a culmination of generations of expertise and Oscar Hernandez's dedication. It's a true masterpiece in every cup. So, ditch the instant stuff and treat yourself to a taste of coffee royalty. You won't regret it.




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