Competition Lot!⚡MAME ⚡ Costa Rica | Sin Limites

Competition Lot!⚡MAME ⚡ Costa Rica | Sin Limites

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Riped Papaya, Apricot, Fig Finish

This is a rare coffee as Jaime produces very limited amount of coffee every year. This Geisha has been fermented elegantly to highlight tropical notes as Papaya

The coffee was from the producer 
Jaime Cardenas, the farm called Finca Sin Limites (1500masl), in Naranjo, Costa Rica. Jaime started his farm in 2015, with the great help of Francisco Mena, the Exclusive coffee. He then went to Japan with the other Costa Rican producers, that’s when Jaime got motivated to improve the quality of coffees at his farm. The production was pretty low at the beginning of his journey, however he concentrated a lot on quality rather than quantity.

Today he produces around 150 bags a year. He owns green houses to dry his coffees on African beds, no mechanical process is in practice and he tries  to keep up the quality manually. For him the quality is the most important because he believes that this is the only way to keep his customers happy and they will stay with him in the end.

Origin | Costa Rica
Farm | Sin Limites - Jaime Cardenas
Varietal | Geisha
Process | Natural Anaerobic

Competitions Coffees by Emi Fukahori
World Brewers Cup Champion 2018

Those coffees have been selected by Emi for their exceptional qualities. All these coffees can be used in competition. They all come from the best farmers in the world

Weight - 150g

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