NEW!⚡MAME ⚡ Costa Rica | Sumava

NEW!⚡MAME ⚡ Costa Rica | Sumava

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Green Fruits, Nutty, Creamy

The coffee has a beautiful green apple acidity. You can expect green apple, almond and crumble sweetness.

Sumava is an award-winning farm, located in the West Vally of Costa Rica, in an area called Naranjo de Lourdes and owned by Francisco Mena.

Having worked in coffee for over two decades, Francisco became a producer himself in 2015 at his farm, Sumava. Sitting between 1650-1700 metres above sea level, Francisco’s farm is neatly organised into plots by variety.

The farm uses modern technologies and new trends in ecologically sustainable farming. This includes the use of eco-pulpers together with a retention field for discarded water, which is later used as a fertiliser for coffee plants.

All coffee is processed in a beautiful stainless steel mill, which is equipped by the so called "desmusilaginadoras", i.e. eco-pulpers. This lot was processed using the so called "fully washed" method. The eco pulper is set in a way, that cherries go through with little or no mucilage at all. Therefore, the taste profile is similar to fully washed coffees. Freshly picked cherries are rested in jute bags or stainless-steel tanks for 24-72 hours before pulping (so called reposado). Depulped cherries are transported to 1000 l plastic tanks where they stay for 14-24 hours soaked in cold water. Drying takes place first on African beds (5 days) and then on the concrete patios (14 days). The exact length depends on actual weather conditions.

Country | Costa Rica
Farm | Sumava
Farmer | Franscico Mena
Altitude | 1700 m.a.s.l.
Variety | Villa Sarchi Process Cherry Reposado

Weight - 250g

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