PANAMA | Janson Lot 248

PANAMA | Janson Lot 248
PANAMA | Janson Lot 248
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日曬巴拿馬 Janson Lot 248 
PANAMA Janson Lot 248 Natural 

豆種 Variety | Geisha 

產區 Region | Volcan, Chiriqui

Purple Grape, Violet, Mandarine, Earl Grey, Elegant 

Janson Geisha 以其卓越的品質在巴拿馬享有盛譽,今年亦在世界咖啡師大賽中發熱發亮,為不同的咖啡師提供美味而精緻的咖啡選擇。超過 50% 的莊園都在種植藝伎咖啡品種。 這個火山地區的莊園因其富營養的火山土壤和1700米的海拔非常適合種植藝伎,令生產出來的咖啡風味更為豐和複雜,而有機種植方法亦使生產岀來的藝伎品質比原來更好。Janson Geisha 通過機器和手工採摘,並透過科學的管理方法確保最高的質量。你一定會對這款咖啡的卓優越品質感到滿意。

而這次所挑選的 Janson Lot 248,更是擁有精緻而豐富的紫葡萄風味,細膩的紫羅蘭香氣,甜美的橘子和伯爵茶尾韻,整體風格優雅。

Renowned for its exquisite quality, Janson Geisha has garnered acclaim in Panama and beyond, captivating the world stage at the World Barista Championship. This exceptional coffee offers a symphony of flavors, catering to the discerning palates of coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Over half of the estate's cultivation is dedicated to nurturing the prized Geisha varietal. Nestled within a volcanic region, the estate's rich volcanic soil and elevation of 1700 meters provide an ideal terroir for Geisha cultivation, fostering a coffee of unparalleled depth and complexity. Organic farming practices further elevate the Geisha's quality, surpassing all expectations. Janson Geisha undergoes a meticulous selection process, employing both mechanical and hand harvesting techniques, ensuring only the finest beans reach your cup. Scientific management practices further guarantee the coffee's exceptional quality. Prepare to be captivated by the epitome of coffee excellence.

Our curated selection, Janson Lot 248, unveils a captivating tapestry of flavors. Delicate notes of grape intertwine with the elegance of violet, creating an olfactory masterpiece. Sweet hints of tangerine and Earl Grey linger on the palate, culminating in a graceful finish. Indulge in the epitome of coffee artistry.

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