PERU | William Shakespeare

PERU | William Shakespeare
PERU | William Shakespeare
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Black Sugar Roastery 推岀的自家烘焙系列 —
雙重水洗秘魯 William Shakespeare 
PERU William Shakespeare Double Washed 

Clementine, Orange Blossom, Apricot, Sugar Cane, White Tea, Elegant & Sweet 

豆種 Variety | Bourbon & Pache


首先,作為 Bourbon 和 Pache 兩個品種的拼配,兩者結合產生了獨特的風味特徵 — 帶有杏 桃和甘蔗等甜感。 為了進一步增強風味,咖啡採用雙重水洗處理法,並在水中進行了30-35小時的長時間發酵。 這個過程使咖啡具有更濃郁和獨特的果汁感,並帶令人愉悅的悠長餘韻。

This particular lot of coffee is truly unique and has a lot of interesting features.

Firstly, it is a blend of Bourbon and Pache varieties, which combine to produce a distinct flavor profile with hints of apricot and sugarcane. To enhance the flavor even further, the coffee is processed using the double-washed method. Moreover, this lot also undergoes an extended fermentation in water for 30-35 hours. This process allows the coffee to develop a more intense and exceptional juicy texture and sweetness. As a result, the coffee is incredibly flavorful and has a pleasant, lingering aftertaste.


Packing Size - 150g

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