Meet The Furboss

Meet Our Furboss Family! 

Black Sugar (left), a male Shiba Inu born on 25 Dec 2012 who is inspirational, handsome, photogenic and friendly. He love to seats at front door of his shop to greet all customers.

Lady Sugar (right), a female Shiba Inu born on 04 March 2018 who is always waiting for a great hug from our customers. She loves cuddling and showing affection, she is happy to share her love to all people.

Sugar Bear (middle), the youngest male Shiba Inu born on 28 August 2020 who is always very energetic and happy to see all customers and meet the doggo friends. Gentle with everyone. 

All of them three bringing all the joy to our communities, they are the furbosses of Black Sugar Coffee, let no one ever come to them without leaving happier.

Woof! Woof! 

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