BOLIVIA I Alasitas Caturra

BOLIVIA I Alasitas Caturra
BOLIVIA I Alasitas Caturra
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可可日曬玻利維亞 Alasitas Caturra
BOLIVIA Alasitas Caturra Coco Natural 

豆種 Variety | Caturra 

Pomelo, Grape, Pu'er Tea, Clean & Elegant

由於玻利維亞產區的環境氣候變化大、濕度高,在日曬乾燥上的難度非常高。也因為如此,Rodriguez家族特別針對這樣的條件,與巴西的處理法專家制定出了屬於玻利維亞的日曬方式,也稱為Coco Natural 『可可日曬』。
The climate in Bolivia is highly variable, and the high humidity levels make it difficult to natural processed coffee beans. However, the Rodriguez family has come up with a unique sun-drying method specifically for Bolivian coffee beans. This method, known as Coco Natural, combines traditional sun-drying and mechanical drying techniques.

The first step in the Coco Natural process is to dry the beans on a drying bed for three days. This is followed by four days of drying in a custom-built mechanical dryer. The thickness of the fruit pulp varies depending on the region of Bolivia where the beans are grown. Beans with a high juice content are more difficult to sun-dry.

Despite the challenges, the Coco Natural process produces coffee with a unique and captivating flavor profile. The coffee has a clean taste with delicate notes of pomelo and grape, and the finish is elegant and reminiscent of puer tea.
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