ETHIOPIA | Guji Uraga Washed

ETHIOPIA | Guji Uraga Washed
ETHIOPIA | Guji Uraga Washed
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水洗衣索比亞 Guji Uraga
ETHIOPIA Guji Uraga Washed

豆種 Variety | Heirloom 

Nectarine, Bergamot, Sugar Cane, White Tea

在 Guji Uraga 水洗處理廠,周邊不同的咖啡農將咖啡果送到廠裡,而他們多在採收的同日就已作剝除 (depulp) 的程序,並在開放空間作 8-12小時的發酵過程,之後再去除黏液 — 最後再在日曬床上 (raised bed) 乾燥於 5-15日,讓風味能慢慢完整地發展岀來。
這款 Heirloom 作為在 Ethiopia 的多款原生品種混合而成,因此從外觀上咖啡豆的模樣都有所不一,在烘焙上亦因而更有難度,不過成果當然也更好。


Though washed Ethiopian coffees are not yet widely available, those who have encountered them have been consistently impressed.
At the Guji Uraga washing station, coffee cherries from neighboring farms are delivered, typically undergoing depulping on the day of harvest. They are then fermented in an open-air environment for 8-12 hours, followed by mucilage removal. Finally, the coffee is dried on raised beds for 5-15 days, allowing its flavors to fully develop.
This Heirloom coffee is a blend of various Ethiopian heirloom varieties, resulting in a diverse range of bean appearances. This presents a more intricate roasting challenge, but the rewards are well worth the effort.
The flavor profile showcases a vibrant peach-nectarine sweetness, delicately intertwined with bergamot notes. As the coffee cools, sugarcane sweetness emerges, complemented by a gentle white tea-like aftertaste.

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