MEXICO | Monte Alban

MEXICO | Monte Alban
MEXICO | Monte Alban
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水洗墨西哥 Monte Alban 
MEXICO Monte Alban Washed

豆種 Variety | Typica

Stone Fruit, Mandarine, Brown Sugar, Roasted Almond, Milk Chocolate

我們永遠不會滿足於只提供經典和「安全」的選擇 — 而是致力於找到更好、更有趣的風味味來滿足不同咖啡愛好者的需求,也讓大家能探索更多。

這就是為什麼我們這次選擇了來自墨西哥 Monte Alban 地區的咖啡 — 生長在海拔 1,700 至 1,900 公尺之間,並經過水洗處理法,你能感受到極其乾淨的咖啡風味,並帶有輕微的 earthy 和堅果的風味,口感豐富又讓人滿足,絕不會讓人失望!

We are never satisfied with only offering classic and 'safe' choices. Our aim is to always find better and more interesting flavors to satisfy all coffee lovers, and allow them to discover more.

That's why this time we have picked a special coffee from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. This coffee is grown between 1,700 and 1,900 meters above sea level and has undergone a washed process resulting in an extremely clean cup with hints of earthy and nutty undertones. The body is rich and satisfying, so you won't be disappointed!


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