PANAMA | Duncan Natural

PANAMA | Duncan Natural
PANAMA | Duncan Natural
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日曬巴拿馬 Duncan
PANAMA Duncan Natural 

Purple Grape, Plum, Mandarine, Tropical Fruit, Smooth

處理法 Process | 日曬 Natural 
豆種 Variety | Caturra 
產區 Region | Boquete
莊園 Farm | Finca Kotowa Duncan
生產者 Producer | Ricardo Koyner
海拔高度 Altitude | 1,700 mals

由巴拿馬 Finca Kotowa Duncan 所生產,這次日曬處理的 Caturra 帶有柔順的口感,豐富的紫葡萄和布冧甜感,並有著橙般的橘感,再加上熱帶水果般的複雜風味,絕對不容錯過。

Ricardo Koyner 的 Finca Kotowa Duncan 位處於巴拿馬 Boquette 的 Vulcan Baru 斜坡上,致力於發展高品質和可持續種植,更在 2014年得到有機莊園的認證。而他們的日曬處理法追隨嚴密的程序處理,在採收後的首 48小時,咖啡櫻桃在有遮陽的日曬床上,並在上面覆蓋軟布 (fine cloth),鼓勵微生物活動,而在之後的 10日繼續乾燥,期間將櫻桃散置得越來越薄,再在陽光下乾燥 15日之久 —— 漫長的日曬處理令風味有更長時間發展,變得更深厚和具層次感。

Escape to the sun-drenched highlands of Panama with Finca Kotowa Duncan's exquisite natural-processed Caturra coffee. This isn't just a cup of joe, it's a sensory adventure. Imagine yourself enveloped in a luxuriously smooth cup, a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Sweet notes of blueberry and plum intertwine with a zest of tangerine, creating a melody that's both familiar and exciting. As you sip, a vibrant chorus of tropical fruits takes center stage, leaving you wanting to return for another delightful performance.

Every cup brims with the dedication of Ricardo Koyner, a man obsessed with crafting exceptional coffee. Nestled amidst the emerald embrace of Volcan Baru, the estate prioritizes sustainable practices, achieving organic certification in 2014.

Their commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous natural process. The journey begins with a 48-hour rest on shaded raised beds, where the cherries are gently cloaked in a fine cloth, encouraging a dance of beneficial microbes. Over the next ten days, the beans are meticulously spread out in increasingly thinner layers, basking in the sun's warmth for a luxuriously extended fifteen days. This slow drying process allows the flavors to mature into a coffee of remarkable depth and complexity.

Indulge in a cup that reflects the passion of Panama. Finca Kotowa Duncan: Coffee that elevates your everyday.

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